About us

Our Story

Fiber N Stitch is a clothing supply chain and sourcing solution company in Bangladesh. It was established in 2020 and now leading supplier of clothing and home textiles from Bangladesh to the rest of the World. From development to delivery, our main aim is to elevate your sourcing supply chain at every level.

What we do

We offer a fully outsourced solution, which includes fabric sourcing, merchandising, design, sample development, quality control, and compliance monitoring. We operate with a network of our own as well as partner manufacturers.

We continually strive to improve in everything we do. We provide several environmentally friendly solutions for our customers because we are highly conscious of the effects the textile industry is having on the environment.

We make sure that the production for our client is efficient and produces a high-quality end result. Additionally, we carry out the last AQL, which is submitted to the client prior to shipment.

Our Sourcing Ethos

Each client has different needs in terms of pricing, quantity levels, lead times, approval procedures, compliance standards, etc. While some of our clients like to be very hands-on with their sourcing requirements, others adopt a more hands-off strategy, preferring to concentrate on other aspects of their businesses. Regardless of the strategy our customers choose, we make every effort to fully comprehend their demands and build a sustainable supply chain to meet all of their sourcing requirements.